Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Future!

Jesse Walker posted this "conceptual tour" of the proposed City Creek development, though it comes across more like a Sims-guided tour of the Gateway, complete with Hitchcock-worthy strings. Is this exciting or creepy?
(Jamie Gadette)


  1. I vote creepy.

    Questions: Do we really need a copycat Gateway fountain and ANOTHER Anthropologie store within three blocks of each other?

    Where are all the black people? Uh, brown people? Where, oh where?

    I am afraid, Jamie. Very afraid.

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  3. Yes, it's very G-way-esque. I wonder what will become of the original Gateway once this is the "new mall".

  4. The tour is no more creepy than this town itself, which albeit has a monster creep factor. The development is worthless to me without the integration of some kind of nightlife element. It's just plain bland. "This town needs an enema." - The Joker (Jack Nicholson)

  5. It looks like a cross between Gateway and Trolley square. Probably would be a really good project if we had not seen it all before.

  6. I was really hoping for a more family friendly mall with a playground type environment( maybe a carousel or mini rollercoaster?) much like the Mall of America I’d like to see the Gateway be more adult themed and the Creek more Kid friendly. That way those of you who can't stand the kiddos running around can go to one and Family's can go to the other. Am I the only one who thinks it could be a good compromise?

  7. Reminds me very much of "Carnival of Souls." But since the downtown SLC shots for that piece of classic cinema were shot in 1962, which is when downtown was in its heyday, maybe that is the sterile, isolated, black and white (emphasis on the white) feeling they are trying to recreate.

    All it needs is a few more zombies wandering around.


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