Thursday, July 24, 2008

What Would You Do With $50,000 In Cash & Prizes?

Maybe you should ask Salt Lake City's Kid Theodore cause they just got paaiiid! The local indie-poppers recently traveled to the City of Angels to compete in the Disc Makers Independent Music World Series, west coast edition. Theodore was one of six finalists selected by Billboard to participate in the event, performing before a panel of 12 "in-the-know" judges. The band's prize package included recording gear, instruments, CD manufacturing services, and more--or as keyboardist Austin McBride summed it up outside a sushi booth at last Saturday's downtown farmers market, "basically, we won an entire recording studio." McBride is headed off to Tokyo to just L-I-V-E, while the rest of the promising young musicians put their riches to good use. Send them a message on MySpace, why dontcha? And support them at their next local show, just like you support all your favorite local bands, right?
(Jamie Gadette)

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