Thursday, July 17, 2008

More Evidence That Life Is Nicer in Britain

[Politics] While we're at each others' throats fighting over issues such as whether or not political prisoners should be tortured (as long as we feel really, really scared), or why we should continue to deny equal protection to gays and lesbians (since loudmouthed Christians can't help but spend hours obsessing over the mechanics of sex), our friends across the pond are dealing with pubs that don't fill beer glasses all the way to the top.

It's real beer, too! I say, fill those glasses, gentlemen! (Brandon Burt)


  1. What is it when you berate an entire group of people because of their beliefs?
    Neither racial or gender-related minorities -- nor people of faith -- should be denied their rights.
    And, gay marriage is not a matter of civil rights. Marriage "before man and God" is, first and foremost, a religious institution; civil unions are secular institutions.
    If you impose the latter on the former, don't you violate people of faith's constitutional rights to free speech, freedom of religion and freedom of association?
    Regardless of which side of this culture war you are on, let's not mix the two worldviews in figuring out secular policies.

  2. dear anonymous,
    get over yourself please.
    us open minded folks

  3. Actually, anonymous 10:52, many churches would like to perform same-sex marriages; however, because of government anti-marriage laws, they are not allowed free exercise of religion.

    When marriage equity is achieved, anybody who doesn't want to get married to a member of the same sex will still be free not to do so.

    The fact that you are not constitutionally able to impose your religious beliefs on me is in no way a violation of your religious rights. (bb)

  4. I did not read the original article, but I love the way that such an observation can sum up a whole variety of emotions and how seriously some people take themselves.

    Off-topic I would like to throw the first commenter under the bus concerning the last point I just pointed out. Also, I don't understand what anon's diatribe had to do with the intended message of the Post.


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