Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hell Kitchen

[WTF Promo Item] The following e-mail message made its way to City Weekly today; apparently, someone has no sense of what we might find entertaining ... or tolerable:

We would like to extend an invitation to you and a guest to come be a memberof the studio audience for the Cooking Delight television show!

We tape the show at a studio in SLC from 10:45AM -12:15PM. This week we are taping Wed. the 23rd, Fri., the 25th and next Wed. we tape on the 30th! Check out the show at cookingdelight.tv!

All studio audience members will most likely be on camera because the set is designed like a cafe with tables and chairs. We need smiling faces and excited audience members! The show is a party in the kitchen with celebrity guests and live music!

This Wed., July 23rd, we have musical artist Peter Breinholt! This Friday, July 25th the mania starts in the Cooking Delight kitchen with screaming fans for the Beatles, well ok, Imagine, the Tribute Band, but you will not be able to tell the difference! As always, Jennifer Burns, the host, will share a few original recipes and keep the party going in the kitchen! We have a few seats left for both shows - so hurry and email us for a request to come to the taping!

Good god. Peter Breinholt? A fake Beatles? I'd rather have my scrotum kicked in repeatedly by Gordon Ramsay, but that's just me. Check out the show Saturdays and Sundays on KJZZ 14! Promo accomplished. (Bill Frost)

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