Monday, July 14, 2008

Lost In America(n Idols)

One of the cool things about being a journalist is that you get to submit yourself to strange social experiments, like driving to West Valley to join throngs of rabid David Archuleta fans for the 2008 American Idols Tour. Davey's a sweet thing, but I'm more excited to see Jason Castro who managed to make it through the entire season without conservative audiences catching on to his constant hiiiigh.

If Idol doesn't do it for you, head to Velour in Provo for TaughtMe, the work of Blake Henderson with ties to Utah's now-defunct Exumbrella Records and current label Kilby Records. He's a swell guy and a unique artist. Well worth the drive, especially if you carpool it out there. TaughtMe plays again Tuesday, opening for Low at Kilby Court.

(Jamie Gadette)


  1. Though I'll probably be called a naieve fangirl, maybe people didn't catch onto Castro's high because he wasn't actually high. If you were to actually look him up you'd find out that instead he's a rather religious guy who according to all who know him (as well as the other Idols)has never smoked a fat one in his life.

    Don't you think if he were smoking up before the show night after night somebody would have actually noticed?

  2. i think Anonymous would be surprised to find out the many people she comes into contact with on a daily basis that are high around her (dry cleaner, mailman, bag boy, crossing guard, youth pastor, etc). i mean there isn't exactly a scarlet letter that appears as soon as someone partakes in 'the drugs.'

  3. Many religious people smoke the weed, anonymous. And we're not dissing Castro for his happy demeanor. We find it extremely entertaining. Maybe you can help him remember the words to whatever song he sings tonight

  4. How exactly are you a journalist?

  5. I'd like to give Castro something to suck on. Problem is he might forget what he's doing and go to sleep.

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