Thursday, July 24, 2008

The UVU Library and Me

[Philanthropic Opportunity] According the the Trib, Utah Valley University still doesn't know what to call its library ("The UVU Library," apparently, doesn't have the proper ring to it), so they're looking around for some Eccles, Marriott or Huntsman with $10 million who doesn't yet have his or her name on a major public structure. (That's how the elders at those Croesian family reunions torture members of younger generations: "So, Spence; still no library, I see.")

These days, however, most of the world's wealth has been sucked into the corporate realm where it will never be seen nor heard from again, so odds are UVU will end up with something like "PepsiCo Library." It horrifies as it refreshes!

As for those Eccleses, et al, if you're a little short on dough, I can offer a bargain: For a mere $5 million--that's half what UVU wants--you can give me a middle name. Yep, it'll appear legally on my drivers license and everything. Imagine how proud you'll be to see these blog entries signed by, say, Brandon "Oliver Eccles-Caine III is kewl" Burt.

High impact for your dollar!

(Brandon Burt)


  1. Would $5 million be your price for Brandon Energy Solutions Burt?

    Just wondering what your price is.

  2. Well, now you've made me feel like a whore :)

  3. Its special collection section is called the Sutherland Archives...something to be very proud of, wouldn't you say?

  4. No worries, Spence has a library already (and a ton of buildings up around the U of U medical center).

    Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library.

  5. Paul--

    I would say it might well be something to be proud of--unfortunately, I don't quite know what the connection is between the Sutherland Archives and the Institute of the same name. Are they any relation to the lumber store?

    Hey, I've never noticed that pic before. Were you a football player in your college days?

  6. Relation...George Sutherland, only SCOTUS member from Utah.

    Pic is my Favre fav.

  7. Oh, yeah, Paul. How could I have missed that?

    Brett Favre, I mean. That man is amazing.

    (It's also nice to know the origins of the name of your public-policy group. Wow, related to Justice George Sutherland, huh? That practically makes you royalty!)

  8. Sutherland v Burt

    Sounds like a SCOTUS case...

    But as last names go, I'd prefer Sutherland. I always thought Burt was an a-hole to Ernie.


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