Friday, July 18, 2008


King Khan & The Shrines Show Review:

I know it’s hard to get out of the house on a Wednesday night, but July 16th’s King Khan & the Shrines show was so worth being a zombie on Thursday. How often does one get to see a 10-piece soul band with a horn section perform live?
The Jacuzzi Boys did an excellent job warming up the crowd. I had several bruises from the spastic dancers grooving closest to the stage before their set was finished. Bruises are a small price to pay for such a pure shock of rock ‘n roll.
There are some shows that are a quasi-ritualistic experience. You find yourself in the midst of a sweaty crowd of people completely lost in the primal rhythms reverberating from the stage, and you almost expect the person dancing next to you to fall on the floor and start speaking in tongues. The atmosphere is so charged, you feel like you’re in an altered state, regardless of how many drinks or other intoxicants you have or have not downed.
Such was the King Khan & The Shrines Show. Soul music is an apt title for sounds Khan and his Shrines produce. It’s the type of music that draws you in, disarms you, and causes you to move in ways your earliest ancestors probably did when they were worshipping the sun on the first day of spring.
Khan’s brand of soul has an irreverent punk rock edge, but the essence—the joy, pain, and longing which bursts from every song—dates back to the birth of soul music.
So, despite the fact that I considered popping NoDoz to stay awake on Thursday, I am so grateful that I attended Wednesday night’s show. I anticipated it for 4 months, and it will stay with me for much longer than that.

(Jenny Poplar)

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