Tuesday, July 15, 2008

May They Rot

It's a day of reckoning for two men ... Miguel Mateos-Martinez (accused of killing beauty salon owner Faviola Hernandez) and Jacob Ethridge who's confessed to shooting Ogden prostitutes Rosanna Marie Cruz and Teresa Rene Tingey. Both men are in custody.

Those who prey on women at work ... legally employed or not ... best learn: Karma (and sometimes even the long arm of the law) is gonna get you.

Props to key family members: Ethridge's dad brought him to cops to confess. And the ever-persistent Faviola Hernandez family, who refused to be brushed off or told by cops to go on with their lives, were key to Mateos-Martinez' capture in Mexico City. (Jerre Wroble)

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  1. Let's hope that Mexico's judicial system is more effective than our own.


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