Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vote Democrat, and a Puppy Dies

Just when you think Florida Republicans can't get any more f'ed up, they lower the slime bar to the point that a centipede couldn't limbo beneath it. (Scott Renshaw)


  1. WTF????????

    I thought things like this only pop up in Utah. Way to go Florida; you're now the worst state in the nation.

  2. Did you actually visit the site referenced on the billboard? Watch the video for the "republican song". The video has the production values of amateur porn while the songwriting is up there with the work of Bret Michaels.

  3. If you go to the website "," you learn that the jerk in Florida stole the name of the song from some other guy, who put up a big disclaimer that says "PLEASE NOTE THAT I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY BILLBOARDS, MIKE MEEHAN, OR THE SITE THEREPUBLICANSONG.COM," then gave a donation to Obama to retaliate. He further gives the true link to "" which the guy who put up the billboard. Whatever, it's just another reason that I'll never set foot in the state of Florida. When global warming raises the sea levels, they'll get what the deserve.

  4. I dropped my jaw with my first glance at this image.

    I shit myself when I realized that there were two towers to the left in the billboard. Smoking towers...

    I am beside myself.


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