Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dreamdungeon Sold Separately

[Moral Outrage] Mattel's perennial ├╝bertart Barbie is sending shockwaves throughout the tongue-clucking community by donning a classic dominatrix uniform featuring "signature black 'leather' bodysuit and jacket, patterned tights, and black boots with 'golden' details. Long honey blond hair with bangs and black gloves with 'golden' details complete the look."

The "patterned" tights look like fishnet to me, and those "golden" details must come in handy whenever Black Canary Barbie needs make a big impression on some disobedient, whimpering slaveboi.

Some "concerned Christian" group in Britain reportedly is characterizing the doll as "filth." (Brandon Burt)


  1. It's been a long time since I got a boner off of Barbie.

  2. I knew this would be a Brandon Burt story. Perv. ;)

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  4. That is a totally modest outfit - no need for outrage. I mean, every inch of her is covered, up to her head. That's more than we can say about those Olympic gymnasts, the little tarts! :)

  5. re:"concerned christian group"

    You know, if we had a group of people like the "concerned christians" that went around *praising* different things, maybe we would not have to worry about "concerned christians" controlling what we se and hear.

    Lets do it. I propose that we do the same thing that those people who harass the FCC do.



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