Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Free Yr Radio Coming To SLC

Free Yr Radio, a campaign designed to generate awareness and support for independent radio stations, will hold a concert at Urban Outfitters in the Gateway on September 24 with Canadian indie rockers Tokyo Police Club scheduled to perform. The time of show is TBD. Proceeds will benefit KRCL.

Free Yr Radio will also release a benefit compilation album with tracks by all participating artists (other cities featured performances by Dan Deacon, White Williams, !!!, Mudhoney, No Age, Secret Machines and Yeasayer), and all proceeds will be divided evenly by the participating stations.

There's hope for the future of independent voices, even if it means involving corporate tie-ins.

(Jamie Gadette)


  1. Generally, I don't think that corporate tie-ins are conducive to independence.

    I miss the old KRCL, man. I mean I really miss it. I've listened several times since the change and just can't get into the new format. I like Brad but he seems to have given up his edginess. I guess that's what toning down your flavor for mass consumption will do. No offense intended, Brad. You're still a cool dude.

  2. Sometimes a corporate tie is necessary to get the message to a mass audience (see: Rage Against the Machine).

    While there are plenty of stores they could do this concert in, they chose the one that is most tied to "indie fashion". They could have done this at Hot Topic, so let's all be thankful.

  3. That "mass audience" thing is the problem, Grant. For me, anyway.

    Acquiescing to a mass audience is why KRCL sucks now.

    Regardless of where the event is held, I have no interest in helping KRCL make money to continue their decent into mainstream, overly accessible monotony. Before they allowed industry consultants to wreck their station I donated to KRCL regularly.

    But I'm sure many people feel differently. Lot's of people loooove vanilla.


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