Monday, July 21, 2008

Roller Derby Report: Babes Bomb Dealers 105-89

[Alt-Sports] In a fast and brutal roller-derby grudge match (these same two Salt City Derby Girls teams faced off in the 2007 Championship bout), reigning champs The Bomber Babes defeated The Death Dealers 105-89 in front of 800-ish screaming fans Saturday night. The Dealers were out for blood (or at least bruises), even pulling points ahead in the first half, but were derailed by the Bombers' scoring machine of vet NOS and newbie Salt Lick--or maybe just hypnotized by the latter's micro-hotpants.

Next bout: Saturday, Aug. 16 at the Utah Olympic Oval. And now, some photos from last Saturday's bout by Mark Alston:

(Bill Frost)

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