Monday, July 7, 2008

Constantines/Ladyhawk Rock The Lounge

"Last time we came here we played for four people," Ladyhawk drummer Ryan Peters recalled after his Sunday night gig at Urban Lounge which attracted a far better turnout of around 50 folks who were obviously totally down with Canada. Ladyhawk kicked things off with a loud-quiet-loud set of numbers including standout tracks off Shots (2008). I couldn't stop staring at Peters' drum head on which he'd recently affixed a replica of Tears For Fears' Songs For The Big Chair. Between songs, the band chatted with the crowd, complementing Sage's Cafe where they enjoyed "our first real meal in nine days," and mocking our beer. Ladyhawk put everyone at ease and won over at least two new fans while headlining act Constantines looked on from the dancefloor. The groups brought their own soundman who played a welcome mix of Hall & Oates, Tom Petty and M.I.A. whose "Paper Planes" served as a humorous intro to the Constantines' set. Sadly, guitarist Steve Lambke's broken hand still hasn't healed. We're not sure if the sustained injury is a result of Lambke playing through the pain at South By Southwest when he first sported a cast after a nasty fall down the stairs. He joined his band mates for a few songs on Sunday, singing "Shower of Stones" and one of two encores, and filling in on keys here and there. Ladyhawk guitarist Darcy Hancock filled in for Lambke, and while he did a killer job it was hard to see Lambke on the sidelines looking left out and anxious to get back in the game.
Constantines played pretty much every song I hoped they'd play, including "Nighttime/Anytime (It's Alright)," "Soon Enough," "Trans Am," and material off their eponymous debut. It was a night for hardcore fans who moved closer and closer to the stage, shaking their fists and one local musician even playing the tamborine as Constantines and Ladyhawk performed a joint cover of "Street Fighting Man."
Not bad for a Sunday night.

Here's a cool clip of Constantines in the rain:

(Jamie Gadette)

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