Friday, July 11, 2008

Where They Let the Dogs Out

Mill Creek Canyon, of course.

My B.F. and I just bought the Mill Creek Canyon annual pass for $22 the other night because of our need for cool canyon breezes combined with a need for a place to walk Buddy, his chubby chihuahua.

And so it is that we are now set for hiking and picnicking and living the cool canyon life. My mind began sparking with recipes for gorp and thirst-quenching beverages for the bota bag when along comes news of Log Haven's "Dog Days of Summer" taking place June through August. It's designed for people like me—somewhat lazy who also like to eat out. After a virtuous hike along canyon trails with our dogs, we can then take ourselves and our "well-behaved" dogs to dinner at Log Haven’s outdoor amphitheater. Yes, you heard right: We can bring our dogs to dinner at Log Haven, albeit it will be alfresco.

I'm not talkin' run-of-the-mill finger foods, either. Log Haven is serving from its seasonal menu and offering drinks from a Dog Days menu that include the Poodle-tini, Irish Setter Coffee and the Salty Chihuahua (a blend of grapefruit juice, Anejo Tequila and Agave nectar).

And you can enjoy it guiltfree as Log Haven provides fresh water and treats for your dog.

Weather permitting, you and your dog can dine Monday through Thursday. More details here.

For those of you who are dogless, please excuse this commercial announcement. I'll see the rest of you doggie people up the canyon.

PS: I'm still open to trail mix and hiking grub recipes if anyone has any. (Jerre Wroble)

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