Tuesday, July 8, 2008


[National Tragedy] According to this McPaper article today, the original cast of High School Musical (Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale and those other ones) will ... never ... work ... together ... again! At least not on anything called High School Musical. A future reality show called So You Think You Can Pass for a Teenager, maybe, but not HSM.

High School Musical 3 wrapped filming 'round these parts last week, and is due in theaters (not the Disney Channel) Oct. 24. Goes the heart-swelling PR piece, er, story, most of the cast and crew stayed at Salt Lake City's Little America hotel, while a handful moved on up to the Grand America:

"Everyone stayed at Little America while shooting the first two films, but for the second sequel, the principals were invited to upgrade. Efron, his real-life girlfriend Hudgens, Tisdale and supporting player Chris Warren Jr. ended up at Grand America.

"There, says Tisdale, 'we have security that helps us get in and out without going through the lobby. I don't really feel safe at the Little America.'"

Oh, like anyone can even recognize the Tiz these days ... (Bill Frost)


  1. oh yes, little america is sooo unsafe. in fact, by moving to grand america, they totally thwarted my plan to swarm the lobby with all my friends and family for their autographs. because, i bet, an autograph, might fetch me five bucks on ebay.


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