Monday, April 21, 2008

Short Skirts & Hot Wheels

[Roller Derby] The Salt City Derby Girls kicked off their 2008 roller derby season Saturday at the Utah Olympic Oval in front of 800-900 fans, clearly divided into red (for the Leave It To Cleavers) and green (for the 2007 SCDG champion Bomber Babes) factions. The Cleavers fans brought weaponry, while there was a lone cowbell on the Bombers' side--not exactly a fair matchup.

Went the other way on the track, however: The Bomber Babes dominated the bout for both 30-minute periods, led by in the superhuman jamming/scoring of NOS; the Leave It To Cleavers, skating with at least half new members (aka "fresh meat"), kept up best they could and got in some of the most brutal defensive hits (via blocker Miss Disco Bliss).

Final score: Bombers 144, Cleavers 89. Next bout: Saturday May 24 (Sisters of No Mercy vs. Death Dealers; tickets available through and Please to enjoy these bout pix by Mark Alston:

(Bill Frost)


  1. WAAHOOOO!!! Roller Girls Rule!

  2. What an awesome match. I believe Cleavers as a team will come back at the end of the season. We'll see!

  3. I like the part where folks pretend it's a real sport and not just watching a catfight on varnished wood.

    Have we completed the holy trinity of empowered feminine thinking; first the whore, then the madonna, now the roller babe.

    Or is it properly rllrgrrrlz; or some other hideous txting mashup?

    To quote the film "Ferris Bueller": I weep for the future.


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