Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Freud would have a heyday...

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Ohhh... where does one start? According to Reuters this morning, Florida lawmakers are convening to ban this man's nutz:

I can already hear the outcries of men's rights groups all across the nation. "Leave our Nutz alone!"

"Are you sick of looking at side steps and bug shields?
Want a REAL auto accessory?
Want a site that offers Hot Chicks, Bad-Ass Rides, Free stuff, and the funniest accessory in the industry?" (per Truck Nutz' site)

I foresee a public cast- er, demonstration by local feminists in support of the Florida ban.

Girls! Start sharpening those vagina dentata!

(SLC Random)


  1. When I read that, I could have sworn it said "funnest." Because that's the typical usage with nutz.

  2. I guess that means the trucks can have real nuts, just not novelty nuts.


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