Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lohra Miller Casted

[Leg Up] Salt Lake County District Attorney Lohra Miller is on crutches, and sporting a Pepto-Bismol pink cast on her right foot. She was just about to settle into her chair before the Salt Lake County Council earlier today and was finishing a chat with KSL-TV reporter Richard Piatt.

In a moment of perfect lawyer timing, Miller--failing to see a City Weekly staffer who had just walked into the room--explained her color choice for the cast thusly: "It's my little get-back at City Weekly." Then she chuckled.

The reference, for those playing along at home, would be to this City Weekly cover story, which was giddily headlined "Illegally Blond," and featured the above photo (apologies to Elle Woods and Reese Witherspoon).

To which we at CW must reply: "Yep, you sure got us Barrister Miller! And which of us is clunking around town in a plaster foot cast?" (Holly Mullen)

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