Thursday, April 17, 2008

Torching It!

[Protests] A peaceful march and human rights rally going on this weekend may be Utahns best chance to vent some frustration at the upcoming Beijing Olympics. With more and more news of egregious human rights violations stacking up against this summer's host of the 2008 Olympics, from arming genocidal rebels in Darfur to the iron-handed crackdown in Tibet, this weekend you can share outrage with community activists throwing their voice into a very loud chorus of people fed up with the actions of the Chinese government.

The Global Human Rights Torch relay event will start with a peaceful march this Sunday April 20 at 10:00 am at Washington Square (right by the county building at 451 South State). The march will be followed by guest speakers including Tswan Renzing, President of the Utah Tibetan Association, as well as a former falun gong prisoner of conscience and our own beloved activist, former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson.

China may be the other side of the world as far as most Utahns might think but if you show up to the event Saturday some people will tell you why some things, even oceans away, can still hit pretty close to home. (Eric S. Peterson)


  1. Saturday, April 20 isn't for a few more years, since it just happened last year. So, did you mean Saturday, April 19 or Sunday, April 20? :)

  2. Yeah. Go out and protest China for what they've done to Tibet while you ignore what our own country is doing in Iraq, and then go out and buy yourself some nice Chinese made merchandise at a good price from Wal-Mart, Costco or maybe even Ikea.

    Feed the beast with one hand while pointing out the fact that it is indeed a beast with the other.

    Stupid hypocrites.

  3. Hayduke,

    I'm not sure who you are talking to. Personally, I haven't, and don't, ignore what the US is doing in Iraq, and I have, and will continue to protest that atrocity. I quit shopping at Wal-Mart a long time ago. While I'm not always perfect in my shopping habits, I generally try to Buy Local, and avoid Chinese merchandise where feasible. I've covered all of these topics frequently on my blog.

    Now, I'm really wondering who you are calling a hypocrite? Or are you just one of those trolls I keep hearing so much about? That must be it, since your post is so self-contradicting as to not make much sense.

    - Summer Glau

  4. Stuff it, terminator girl (Summer Glau). Perhaps you're not of the hypocrites I wrote this for, but you are a hypocrite - we all are.

    Without knowing you, I'll bet your house is stuffed with crap from China, meaning you help to support their government. I'll bet you've shopped at walmart more recently than you would admit, having already admitted that you used to shop there and I'd wager that you've never actively participated in an anti-Iraq war protest. No, going to watch Rocky protest doesn't count. But whatever; I don't care, either way.

    This anti-China thing is just the latest in the protest du jour line-up. Most of the people that attend these protests don't really know why they are there. Furthermore, once China hosts the Olympics, which will be attended by every country invited, including the USA, these so-called protesters will move on to the next hot protest trend and will have forgotten all about the Tibetans. If it weren't for HH, nobody but the Tibetans would pay attention to Tibet at all.

    You're right in saying that my post is filled with contradictions. That was the entire point.

    I wasn't writing to you personally. You simply happened to post before me and made assumptions based on that. But thanks for your little debate, pussy cat.


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