Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dear In The Venue

First off, thanks for consistently hosting such great bands. But really, the reason I'm writing is to offer up a suggestion: If you must book two shows in one night (with one band performing in "Club Sound" and the other on the "In the Venue" side), perhaps consider announcing ahead of time which band will be appearing in which "club." This way, when I list shows in the City Weekly, readers will know where to go! For example, on May 16, Atmosphere is apparently playing at In the Venue. That same evening, Tapes N Tapes and White Denim are also apparently playing at In the Venue. Now, I know the Minneapolis hip-hop artist is not performing with either of the indie rock groups. So I guess I'll just go ahead and make a random guess and put him in Club Sound? You see, very confusing. Anyway, here are some rad videos by all three acts:


Jamie Gadette

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  1. My money is on Atmosphere in the big room, with the indie bands in Club Sound.

    Atmosphere is WAY bigger than Tapes.


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