Monday, April 28, 2008

Tickling the Economy

[Economy] The May stimulus checks are on their way the Bush admin is hopeful the $600 checks ($1200 for families with $300 per runt) will stimulate the economy out of it's doldrums and help shake off our country's pre-recession jitters.

But the verdict is still out on whether this check will do anything to steer the country away from its collision course with a recession, given the number of people who will use the money just to try and put a dent in their stack of bills.

That being said. retailers are going on the offensive, to get yo money before you can squirrel it away under your mattress. The Kroger co. for one, a national food retailer (Smith's, Fred Meyer etc...) is offering to let customers swap their stimulus checks for store cards that come with up to an additional $120 of store credit on them.

For all the Smith's outlets and Fred Meyers around, this will definitely be a big draw in Utah, but its not just the big boys on the national retail level who want you to spend some of that cash.

Clark Yospe VP of Marketing for RC Willey Furniture says they've got plans to advertise for that fatty stimulus check. "We are hoping to capture some of those dollars," Yospe says. "We're concerned some of you news folks have been printing surveys saying that people are just gonna spend the money on bills and their savings. Now that wouldn't exactly be a stimulus would it?"

Yospe wouldn't go into details about the furniture outlet's plan for attracting stimulus money for fear that competitors might steal their idea. Yospe did say however, that a direct mailing would be coming out soon to let consumers know why they should stimulate the economy at RC Willey's.

But whether it's groceries, furniture or whatever, it looks as though the economy may at least be in for a good tickle. (Eric S. Peterson)

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  1. Stimulus my ass.

    If I do actually receive a check from the government, which is highly doubtful since I am neither rich nor poor, I'll use it to pay my credit card bill. Actually, I'll probably use it to pay off the big dent the government just left in my bank account. No, not savings (I have none), that'd be the over-draft portion of my account. Apparently, paying taxes all year with no deductions wasn't enough for them; they required more. Hard times for poor government.

    So, sure. I'd appreciate a check, if only to replace what the fucking government just took.


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