Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another Nail in the Alco-Pop Coffin

[News] At a Detroit Tigers baseball game recently, a man (a university professor, no less) accidentally gave his thirsty 7-year-old son a "hard" lemonade from the concession stand. A security guard noticed it and, instead of just telling dad "hey, you probably don't want to give your kid that," called The Authorities. How very Utahn of him.

Forget State Liquor Stores--once the story hits locally, you won't be able to find this crap anywhere. Think of The Children! See what can happen?! (Bill Frost)

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  1. I'm sure you are referring to the breaking and uber important story on local news about energy drinks now containing alcohol and the risk of kids being able to buy them in stores with clerks not realizing the fact because they are similarly in size/shape. i believe the teaser to the story was suggesting your children may even be drinking alcohol in front of you without you or them realizing it. oh my golly.


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