Thursday, April 3, 2008

Best Entertainment Website April Fool's Gag EVER

Longtime aficionados of Web-based movie writing may already be familiar with Vern, the pseudonymous cinema critic and commentator who has created a unique (and thoroughly fictional) persona. Well, his skill at creating convincing fictions has reached its apex with one of the most savagely brilliant parodies of entertainment bloggery ever in an April Fools' Day prank on which he must have spent months. You want pointless box-office predictions? He's got it. Random rumors about upcoming movies? He's got it. Breathless "first looks" at promotional materials? He's got it.

And whatever you do, don't stop until you get all the way to the bottom, particularly the banner ads and "Categories" on the right. The rest of the movie blogosphere might as well just throw in the towel right now. (Scott Renshaw)

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