Friday, April 4, 2008

All's Well

[Update] The Rachel Guyon saga chronicled in our late February cover story, Just Stop, ended not with a thunderous judicial bang but rather a negotiated whimper on March 31.

Guyon, who was charged with conducting a lengthy e-mail harrassment campaign against Utah's Attorney General and members of his staff, took four pleas in abeyance for class B misdemeanors of electronic communication harrassment.

Her co-attorney Kris Rogers said part of the deal that had been brokered with Salt Lake County's District Attorney Greg Ferbrache involved Guyon not contacting any of the alleged victims.

So ends a tale that had everything a salacious conspiracist might crave -- sexual innuendo and a call girl past, apparent abuses of power by the AG's office in the quest to silence whoever was taunting them, and finally, most intriguingly of all, the astonishing sight of one person and the most powerful legal governmental institution in the state reduced to a level playing field by the anonymity provided by the Internet. (Stephen Dark)


  1. the whole story made me want to take a shower. Nothing to be proud of on either side of the case.

  2. The AG used the PATRIOT Act on her, which implies that she's a terrorist, since that's what it's for, right?

    I thought we didn't negotiate with terrorists?

  3. we don't! just be thankful the AG did not have her shot! btw we both are probably under investigation by the AG for daring to comment on the matter.


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