Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sweet Spirits

[Polygamy Fallout] The plyg raid at El-do-RAY-do drove home the fact that most polygamists, unfortunately, aren't as hot as Bill Paxton and Chloë Sevigny. Or Mary Kay Place, for that matter.

In fact, remembering back to the Tom Green case, it seems he got reasonably lucky playing the wife lottery, considering the poofy-haired alternatives.

But not as lucky as Jesus, apparently. Anybody remember this pic from--I don't know, Sunday School? (Where do these pictures come from? I just know that this one seems familiar, as if I had seen it several times in childhood.) Really it's beautifully done, if a little hokey.

At the time, I think we all figured those hotties hanging on his every word were "disciples"--but, now, it's only too obvious what's really going on.

Obviously, Wife 1 is the willowy blue-sashed number standing behind, saying, "OK, that's enough now, Jesus. Let's go home." That red-sashed pumpkin on the right appears to have spotted something amusing happening just to the left of the frame, but we can see what he's in the mood for. Brunette? Pink sash? Mmm-hmmm. (Brandon Burt)


  1. Ha! How I used to love these pictures. But not really. Anyway, in this picture, Jesus is one lucky bloke. In others, not so much.

  2. The brunette is going to get her tithing collected fo sho. A true holy taxing.


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