Tuesday, April 8, 2008

EZ Not

[Taxes] Is anyone out there old enough to remember the federal 1040EZ tax form?

Not the one your kid (or anyone else with no deductions) completed or is completing this year. I'm talking about the one I filled out in the good ol' days, all the way through college. It was so simple you really could
use a big black crayon to fill in the blanks--just like the IRS told you:

Make your figures like this:

Well, I just tried to show my teenage son how to complete a 1040EZ form. Note use of the word "tried." I couldn't do it. Because I had to go online and look up some bullshit tax bulletin, which led to another table and another after that. And I finally gave up, wadded up the tax sheet and stuck Sam's W-2 forms in the envelope with our taxes and shipped it off to the CPA.

The accountant backed me up on this. Ditch your black crayon--the days of the old EZ form are gone. But couldn't the feds come up with a more accurate name? I'm thinking 1040FU. (Holly Mullen)

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  1. Taxation Without representation.
    And that's the truth PTHTHPTHTH!!


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