Thursday, April 3, 2008

Get that Hser Nay Moo Story

[Media Clusterf**k] And so it begins.

In the 36 hours since South Salt Lake police arrested 21-year-old Esar Met on suspicion of murdering little Hser Nay Moo (right), the mainstream media have gone ape shit for even the tiniest shred of drama to tell this story.

It's no surprise, especially given the cultural complexities involved in covering the story. There's a language barrier, and the families involved are recent refugees from a distant and tumultuous country (Burma, now known as Myanmar). It's clear the members of both the victim's and the suspect's families know nothing about the U.S. legal system, so it's suddenly open season on these people beset by tragedy. Nobody is about to "lawyer up," that's for sure.

To wit, this latest piece of crap: Today's Deseret Morning News, KSL radio and Salt Lake Tribune all have sketchy comments from the murder suspect's mother, Ra He Mar. Having fled from Myanmar, then having finally gotten out of a Thai refugee camp where she lived for 18 years, the woman has been in the United States for two weeks. (Though the Trib is reporting one month.) Whatever. She's scarcely had time to get over jet lag. Ra He Mar can barely utter a word in English, was interviewed through a interpretor and has no grasp of the American legal system. And surprise: she says her son is a good boy. [Esar Met] "had never run afoul of the law before or displayed any behavior indicating he was capable of killing," according to the Tribune's account from his mother.

Well, it's all done because by damn, some editor at a desk decided you need to know. Does this kind of media scramble strike anyone else as fairly cannibalistic? (Holly Mullen)


  1. Cannibalistic? Are you kidding?!

    The evening/night it happened, I could barely watch the report for all the drool foaming from the mouth of the Fox 13 "reporter". I'd swear that she was panting and that her nipples were hard. I suppose that the excitement got to her and that the thought of scooping a "story" simply made her swoon. These "news" folk, these "reporters", make me sick - always have, always will.

    I watched for a minute, cussed the "reporter", turned off the TV and told my wife that I hoped the little girl would be okay. She wasn't. That seems to be just fine with the "reporters". It seems, in fact, that they would have been rather disapointed if it had turned out any other way.

    These people are nothing more than vultures, which is an insult to vultures since vultures have a real, valid purpose in life and most "reporters" are nothing more than useless hacks.

  2. Reminds me of the song, "Dirty Laundry", and the bubble-head bleached blond's unclear and unfair reporting of the evening news. Canibalistic, oh yeah,with a gleam in her eye.
    How sad that our society has devolved so far that some need to get their jollies over misery.

  3. Thanks for this thoughtful, well-reasoned, helpful bit of "media criticism."

    You sure put the mainstream media in its place.

    One can assume that CW would never tell us more that we would ever want to know about a subject, right?

  4. Jesus, Mullen make a decision. You are either trying to ruffle feathers or you are a band-wagoner, just pick one please. God knows your ability to use original thought and unique perspective in your writing...
    well that ship has sailed.

  5. I love that no one dares criticize Holly Mullen under their real names. Anonymous postings are SO convenient and cowardly. This is my first time on CW's Website for a long time and I'm starting to gather that there's a lot of competitors lurking the pages and trying to rip CW, especially Mullen. How about you pussies own up to your words and stop hiding behind Anonymous.

  6. So who are you, JJ? Do initials work better than anonymous? Would you respect me if I signed this "ZZ"?

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  8. JJ's my F***ing name you Douche. If you want more info click on my F***ing name. In fact do click on it and send me a personal email you chicken shit ass-clown!

  9. We just wanted to know what make him kill a little innocent girl, and what did he do to her? That all we want to know.


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