Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Clark Waddoups a Non-Partisan Miracle!

News has hit that Bush has tapped SLC attorney Clark Waddoups for a federal judgeship. As reported in the trib this morning, Waddoups' colleagues see him as a uniquely unpolitical animal, where colleague Rob Clark said "he does not have a political orientation." AG Shurtleff weighs in to say that political labels don't apply to Waddoups.

Hmmm seems just a wee bit suspicious. The first red flag should smack you in the face when you start trying to add "Bush pick" with "nonpartisan." Which for me equals "yeah right."

Then you also have glowing recommendations of a man who has managed to somehow live in the twilight zone of political neutrality in his decades plus career as a trial attorney, a miracle if there ever was one. But its not until you actually look back on Waddoups' career that you might, like me, suddenly come down with a hacking *bullshit* cough.

Some recent cases for Waddoups:

2002--Waddoups successfully wins out against disability rights group seeking redress from the handicapped-unfriendly design the Boyer company made of the Gateway mall.

2006--Waddoups successfully gives legislators the power to peel back generous public employee benefits that used to allow employees to trade eight unused hours of sick leave for a month of post-retirement medical benefits.

2007--Waddoups disappoints school voucher clients when he fails to get the high court to put the kibosh on the public referendum initiative.

Of course if one of these (which is just a sampling) sticks out as a big thumbs up from the Bush camp, it would have to be the public benefits case, because it was here thatWaddoups and friends tried strong arming the Utah judiciary by insinuating that if the state went to trial that legislators might have to hold back state employee salaries by $20 million to save money for legal fees. Now that's the kind of "lets screw over separation of powers" game play the Bushites can truly sink their teeth into. (Eric S. Peterson)

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