Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bush Cozies Up to Pope

[Random's Humor] It would seem that the Northwest/Delta monstrosity isn't the only merger afoot. If pictures are worth a thousand words, well, this image seen on ABC News' website today gives "War and Peace" a run for it's money when it comes to word-count.

Maybe I'm just one of those panicky conspiracy-theorist types, but I'm not too keen on what seems to be going on here.

Cut to: White House Outdoors - Daytime
Scene: The Pope (Der Papst, if sprechen the Deutch), just lands on the West Lawn in a black helicopter. Like spilling out from an over-stuffed clown car, 16 armed "Agents" leap out of the chopper's opening, forming two parallel lines extending outward.
(Playing: Imperial March)

Der Papst: You have done well, Darth Bush. The Rebels are losing morale. Now is the time to strike.

Well... you could read the article I've linked above and fill in the blanks, or just trust me.

(David Alder)

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  1. Now if Jenna beats him in a light saber duel all will come full circle.


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