Tuesday, April 1, 2008

KRCL Update: Meet the Daily 3

[Radio] Remember the uproar over the January City Weekly story about changes going on at KRCL 90.9, specifically the hiring (as in, paid) of three weekday DJs to replace the 30-odd volunteer mash-up at the beloved community radio station? We finally have an update--not from the station, but from current Thursday Breakfast Jam host David Morrissey (no relation).

Morrissey runs the KRCL Facebook group; he sent out this bulletin to its 72 members today:

"So, here's the word ... The paid DJs you've all heard much about will take the studio beginning Monday, May 5. So you have about a month left with your (remaining) favorite volunteer daytime hosts.

The three DJs who have been selected are all current volunteers and talented programmers. So, that's encouraging. They'll certainly have a tough road to hoe, however. There's a lot of people who are still rightfully bitter. I wish them good luck.

Specifically, they are:
Ebay [Jamil], host of Rhythm Kitchen
Bad Brad [Wheeler], host of Wednesday & Thursday Roots 'n Blues
David [P], host of Friday & Saturday Breakfast Jams

If you have any other thoughts you'd like to share with the KRCL staff or boardmembers, I believe the email address is changes@krcl.org.

As I'll be losing my show in about a month and am not sure what my relationship will be with KRCL other than as a listener, I'll be bowing out as group 'officer' here on Facebook. Thanks for your support for all of the daytime programming and volunteer programming in general."

These are three excellent choices; disgruntled listeners should give them a chance. If not, there's always the new online-radio startup at UtahFM.org, headed up by former KRCL daytime volunteers. (Bill Frost)


  1. This still pisses me off.

  2. Me too, Hayduke. I'm an original fan of Dave M., too. I can't listen anymore. It's KUER for me, I guess.

  3. If this is indeed the three newly hired DJs, I happily welcome them all. These three are dynamic on the radio and have excellent and diverse music tastes. Way to go, KRCL, for opting for such great talent. I, for one, am excited for the changes. KRCL has bored me to death for the past few years. The only DJs I care to listen to are Bad Brad and Ebay when I can catch him. Bring on the change I say!

  4. Ok Ryan, errrrr... I mean Donna.

  5. I hope David [P] still has some say in the choice of music - I've really come to appreciate his Friday Breakfast Jam shows. Definitely one of my favorite programmers. Though there are plenty I'll be missing.


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