Thursday, April 3, 2008

5 Decades Later and Still Politickin'

This Friday April 4th, Dan Jones, a local legend of polling and politics in our fair state will be honored as the Hinckley Institute of Politics Fellow for this semester. He will be talking about his half a century's worth experience in following government politics at a forum at the Hinckley Center that morning at 10:45.

From being the preeminent maestro of local polls and stats through his company Dan Jones and Associates, or through the generations (plural) of leaders and activists he has been a mentor to throughout his teaching career, Dan Jones has very much been at the heart of Utah politics and issues. After the morning forum there will also be a fundraising luncheon at 12 for a scholarship Jones is putting together called the Future Leaders of America.

That event will cost ya, but the mornings forum is free and open to the public, so stop by to hear from, and, celebrate Utah's household-name (in a good way!) when it comes to politics. (Eric S. Peterson)


  1. He was my PoliSci professor: a good man. I adored how he would give straight information without editorial. Left the thinking for us to do ourselves.

  2. speaking of politics. why no posts about the Hillary Clinton Snafu's this past week or two?????


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