Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Audio Democracy

[Senate Hearings] Here is one reason that radio is still a viable medium:

A very boisterous protester just interrupted for the second time in an hour the Senate Armed Forces Committee hearings on the success of George W. Bush's surge in Iraq. I can't see him, only hear him. Two minutes ago, he yelled out "BRING THEM HOME!" "BRING THEM HOME!" until committee chairman Carl Levin called security to escort him from the room. Good drama, made ever so much better by simply imagining what the video might look like.

KSL morning show co-hosts Grant Nielsen and Amanda Dickson, nevertheless, quickly turned off the audio and moved to a more suitable--read, frothy--topic.

Also, John McCain is delighting in using this as one big free campaign ad. Could the guy ask any more puffball questions?

America has so given up on this war and all the trappings surrounding it. Two anti-war outbursts in one brief morning. Is anyone listening? Knock Knock. Anyone home? (Holly Mullen)

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  1. Sadly, it doesn't appear that anyone currently in power is listening.


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