Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Do You Like Doin' It?

So do we ... Doin' It at the Park, that is. The annual all-ages outdoor event hosted by Uprok Records has been going strong for three years now, attracting all walks of life who dig a little sun with their emcees, DJs, breakdancing and beatboxing battles. Turns out, however, not everyone is a fan. Uprok recently learned that the health department denies its application for Doin' It 2008 style, citing rampant noise complaints. Strange, considering the drum circle is still going strong. Apparently that kind of noise is kosher. Officials did offer to let Uprok move Doin' It adjacent to the circle, with no shelter or proper dance floor. Right, that's a great solution. This news comes just weeks after Red Light Books was ordered to shut down its all-ages music venue, a ruling that drummed up bad memories of Kayo's final concert throwing days. What's up Salt Lake City "deciders"? What next? You're sending the wrong message to kids searching for a healthy, peaceful outlet. Some of my best, most constructive years as a teenager took place at all-ages venues. If anyone cares to save Doin' It, contact Uprok to see if there's anything you can do to help reverse the decision--or maybe find another location for the festivities.

(Jamie Gadette)


  1. Your most constructive years as a teen were spent at all ages venues? Wierd. I seem to recall those years as being some of my most destructive.

    Killer shows, booze, drugs, raging pits resulting in fights, resulting in broken noses, split lips, black eyes and then more booze and then, hopefully, a party afterwards, resulting in more fights, more booze, and if I was lucky, a pretty girl to spend the remainder of the night with.

    Damn, man. Those were good times.

  2. Hayduke sounds a little bitter & jaded. Aging-Hipster-Gone-Straight perhaps?

    We're talking abut two ALL-AGES events bud. Which usually means NO BOOZE, No Drugs, No "more booze" or ragin' pits..

  3. I tend to think it's more of a combination of old picky neighbors with too much free time and a couple city "officials" with a bug up their backside for anything that isn't played in the key of hymn. I think we may be headed back to the days of "private parties", secret land locations, and last minute warehouse shows.

  4. Anonymous.....

    Jaded? Bitter? I had fine times at these shows. Wouldn't go back now but had good times then. You're right, I am older and avoid going to shows these days unless I simply can't resist. I don't know how you do it, but at the dozens and dozens of all ages shows I attended, we brought our own booze and drank it in the car/parking lot, we brought our drugs, took what we wanted in the car, snuck the rest in if possible, enjoyed the show, enjoyed the pits if it was that kind of show (no ragin' pits? maybe you only attend emo shows where people are more prone to share tears and make-up tips than come to fisticuffs?), and then returned to the car/parking lot, where we'd hook up with other like minded people for after parties, "more booze", and like I said, a girl if we were lucky.

    So, anyway, anonymous, your shows, which ever those might be, sound boring to me, but who cares? So long as you enjoy yourself.

    I was never a hipster. Mostly, I was just another nerdy fucknut with no sense of fashion. I went to any and every kind of show because I enjoy music. I got into trouble, because I had (have) a big mouth and because, at that time, the straight edge movement was big and fairly violent - we clashed. I had fun and have many memories to fuel fine stories.

    I live by the park and would invite Uprock to go ahead with their festival, regardless of what the city says. I'll fill a cup with beer and will be there to enjoy.



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