Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ditto Ditto

OK. This is kind of strange, but probably only to music geeks like myself (plus, it's early, so bright flashing lights are hypnotic). I caught a clip of UK recording artist Duffy on MTV this morning and was immediately struck by how similar her voice and perhaps more so her dance moves are to Gossip front woman Beth Ditto's. She looks like a skinny, blonde version of the buxom US punk-soul singer. Here's the weird part: the US version of the video highlights Duffy's Ditto style (albeit watered down), the UK version not so much. Are they trying to market a watered down, skinny blonde Ditto prototype to Americans? Then again, Ditto is making waves in the New York fashion world, so maybe Duffy is just a sign that genuinely powerful singers are regaining power in this Idol-obsessed world?

Check it for yourself

UK Duffy video:

US Duffy video:

Gossip live video:

(Jamie Gadette)

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