Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Get Off the Bus

[Bus Fare Hike] Enjoy your free ride on UTA’s new FrontRunner commuter train from Ogden to Salt Lake City? Great. Now get ready for a fare hike.

Three days after the inaugural run of the newest installment to its expanding rail system, UTA has begun advertising that it wants to add a new “fuel surcharge” to fares. Public hearings to take comment on the plan are scheduled May 13 at UTA offices on 3600 South. Written comments will be accepted until May 20.

UTA says the fare hikes are required due to increased diesel fuel prices.

Under UTA’s proposal, fare hikes would start July 1. Every three months, rates would be adjusted to match increased fuel prices. The rate plan would stay in effect until diesel dips below $3 a gallon.

For the just opened FrontRunner, the base fare is currently $2.50. The July fuel surcharge would add another 50 cents, for a $3 starting fee. TRAX and bus will cost $2. (Ted McDonough)

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