Friday, April 18, 2008

Torching it (Part II)

[Counter Protests] So somebody with a good eye spotted that the Global Human Rights Torch Relay will be this Sunday April 20, not that Saturday as I mentioned in the other blog. However Saturday will not be without its demonstrations.

In fact this Saturday April 20 at Library Square from 10 am to 2 pm, there will be a a Pro-Chinese Olympics demonstration from 10. The group will rally together with a number of Chinese student associations from the BYU, the U and others as well as numerous other Chinese Community organizations. These groups want to counter what they see as distorted accounts of China's reactions to the protests in Tibet.

The press release contends:

"We believe that the general public deserves to know the truth in its undistorted form. We respect the rights of peaceful expression of different views, but we condemn the plotted disruptions of the World Olympics and public orders.

We believe that the World Olympics belongs to the people of the entire world. It is an event where people of different nations, different ethnics, different religious backgrounds, and different societal systems meet in peace. It is an event where peace, mutual understanding, mutual respect, and friendship are fostered."

So if anyone is interested in getting thoroughly schooled in regards to the Olympics controversy you can attend both events which are located at nearly the same locations and in one weekend become more educated, and more globally active right here in the old SLC. (Eric S. Peterson)

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  1. Falun Gong's faux torch relay is not grassroot. Rightwing "China hawks" in US Congress are linked to this event.

    Susan Prager, the outreach director of HRTR, is also the communications director of "Friends of Falun Gong", a quasai-government non-profit founded by people linked to US Congress and the NED - it has injected over 6 million dollars in 5 years to various FLG groups to promot their intensely anti-Chinese political message.


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