Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Doomsday Update

City Weekly reported last December about an interesting contingent of Mormon faithful who also believe in the prophecies of a rural, farmer, bishop and miner John Hyrum Koyle who had numerous visions of the future. The story mostly focused on modern day believers who now have an email discussion group where they talk about Bishop Koyle's prophecies and predictions for the future. (Koyle was said to have built a mine which would produce riches for a chosen few to help sustain them in the moments before the apocalypse.)

The article itself perhaps poked a little fun at some of the group members theories about the end of the world, but recent postings on the "Dream Mine Discussion Group" have given me at least a few chills, that's because a few prophecies are starting to sound pretty similar to some things going on in the news.

That's because emails are really starting to buzz about whether or not the end is nigh.
Apparently one prophecy warned that a Republican administration would make efforts to save the economy, which was described as though it "were put up on stilts." Couple that with a prophecy about a long winter after many dry ones, and it makes you wonder.

In speaking to Dream Mine historian Doc Hansen, he imagined the "stilts" prophecy that presages a great financial collapse may have had something to do with inflating prices. But another way to interpret "stilts" may be as something meant to prop something up in which case if one looks at all the desperate measures being proposed to solve our financial systems in the wake of Bear Stearn's near-collapse it's enough to give pause. Of course it's probably nothing and I wouldn't worry too much...of course my family has stock in the mine too, so, I'm cool either way. (Eric S. Peterson)

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