Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hser Nay Moo, 2000-2008

[Rest in Peace] Today, words seem to mean very little. Goodbye, little Hser Nay Moo.

(Holly Mullen)


  1. May you rest in peace, sweet angel.

  2. Tragic. What kind of person could perpetrate such a vile act? (Brandon Burt)

  3. Rest in Peace Hser Nay Moo. This is just a very very terrible act. It's hard to think that someone would to something like this to any child. People who commit such a crime should be put to death.

    I pray for the family and know that the Hser Nay Moo is in a better place.

  4. I had such high hopes tuesday evening that you would be found. I left for dinner, and by the time i returned they had found your body.
    The news crushed me, I couldn't believe it. I feel like I have lost hope in humans. I can't believe someone could do that too you. You have affected us all, and opened our eyes. May you be in a much better place.

    Rest Well.

  5. My prayers are with you family

  6. My prayers are with you family


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