Thursday, April 3, 2008

Finger Lickin' Good!

Unless one of our marketing gurus is yanking my chain, rumor has it that actor Vincent D'Onofrio will make an appearance at Friday's Best of Utah party. His sister Toni runs a rib joint out in Sandy and it won one of our coveted awards. Apparently Vincent wants to share in Rib City's victory by living it up at Port O' Call. I'm pretty excited. But which Vincent will show up? The creepy dude from The Cell? The slick young man from Newton Boys? Or the oddly attractive though often bloated detective from Law & Order? My money's on the last one.

By the way, there are a LOT of women with a LOT of time on their hands making all sorts of crazy video tributes to Vince. Here's a taste of crazy town:

(Jamie Gadette)


  1. Years ago he came to town to sign autographs, that would help raise $ for the non-profit I worked for, at a food convention of all places. I was assigned to sit with him in case he got bored. Most people at the convention had no idea who he was.

    He is more handsome in person than on film. He is one of the nicest "stars" I have ever met. When he heard that my then 5 year old son was crazy about "Men in Black", he gave me an autographed copy of the film from the Bug Man.

  2. Awesome! I guess that explains the obsessive online fanbase (if anything can explain the production of 20-plus video montages). It's always good to hear when a big name has a modest ego.

  3. maybe he'll come as Thor from Adventures in Babysitting....

  4. great video! I give my eyeballs to have been in anonymous' shoes!

  5. So did he show up?
    Did anyone take a picture?
    Had I gotten this alert a day earlier, I'd have come down and demonstrated what it's like to be a crazy fan girl :)

  6. Another crazy, google-alerted fan here. Only 20 or so slideshows? I have WAY more than that! And at least 50,000 pictures captured from various films and TV shows. (Not to mention a Vincent blog.)

    What most of us see in him - in addition to his modesty - is his immense talent. And his unbelievable sexiness, no matter what his size. Bloated? Never seen him bloated, just VERY beefy! Yum! (And I'm a vegetarian, too...)

    What Tate said.

  7. OMG, so sad, why did you remove that wonderful vid clip???? It is the best ive ever seen, please bring it back, PLEASE, sigh!

  8. He didn't show. I think I scared him off with my predictive blog. Rib City, anyone?


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