Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Senatorial Scene

[Hatchography] Sen. Orrin Hatch is so excited about John McCain's presidential bid, he was moved to compose a love song titled "Together Forever." (Apparently, Chris Matthews was quite enamored with it; The Trib broke the story late Thursday evening.)

I especially like the "destiny / history / majesty / all to see" rhymes. Very masculine.

While it's unclear in what sense Hatch "wrote" the song (dual credit goes to Philip Springer, who is most known for having cashed countless royalty checks over the past 50 years for the vaguely dirty Christmas favorite "Santa Baby"), the lyrics seem to have the soaring grandeur that Hatch is known for. How many states can boast such a multitalented statesman?

A McCain spokesman was suitably wowed: "We'll see Barack Obama's Bruce Springsteen endorsement and raise them an Orrin Hatch." Yeah, take that, Springsteen!

Something about the title, though ... wasn't it ... oh, yeah! Orrin, you got Rick-Rolled! (Brandon Burt)


  1. I look for the time Utah's senile Senator sings "Happy Trails."

  2. Why would anyone want orrin hatch writing a love song for them? THis has to be more awkward for McCain than when Heidi Montag endorsed him. You can see him begrudingly acknowledging the gesture and whiserping, "Thank you...thank you...NEVER mention this again!'

  3. Orrin Hatch wants to live in a torn tent with John McCain.


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