Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Fast & the Spurious

[Media] If it's Sweeps month, it must be ... street racing! Joining the classic "investigative report" threats of "What You Don't Know About Your Microwave Could Kill You" and "Are Your Children Safe? Maybe We'll Tell You After the Break," the new annual favorite of local TV news stations seems to be street racing--tonight on KUTV 2:

"2News Special Report: Behind the Wheel With Utah's Street Racers: In a rare interview a Utah street racer says the cops don't worry him. Despite $600 tickets and towed cars the races continue. Victims of street racing crashes also have their say."

This one night after an "explosive real estate fraud" expose turned out to be simply the fault of some dumbass who didn't bother to read what he was signing. And what's the Investigative Report du jour at ABC 4? "Getting Back Into the Dating Game," which continues next Monday "right after The Bachelor." Of course ... (Bill Frost)

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