Monday, September 1, 2008

Roller Derby Report: SLC Rattles Reno 141-113

[Alt-Sports] The Salt City Derby Girls' all-star Shakers team faced off against Reno's Battle Born Derby Demons Saturday night at the Utah Olympic Oval in the tightest interleague game of the season thus far. Possibly some of the tightest uniform bootie-shorts, as well.

The BBDD took an early lead in the first half; jammers Short Fuse and Ginger Snatch catching the SCDG Shakers off-guard with pure speed and slippery strategy. But Lady Shatterly (one of SCDG's highest scorers, skating her final bout) quickly made up the difference almost single-handedly and put the Shakers in the lead for the remainder of the night. Final score: 141-113, Salt City Shakers for the win.

Next SCDG bout: Reigning champs the Bomber Babes vs. the Sisters of No Mercy, Saturday Sept. 6 at the Utah Olympic Oval. Yes, already; busy roller-derby season.

SLC vs. Reno shots by Mark Alston:

(Bill Frost)


  1. didn't know they were here. how about a complete listing of games??

  2.,, ad every week in City Weekly, ad every month in SLUG.

  3. Gotta Love Them Derby Gals and its a pleasure being able to photograph such great talent and brawn in women. They also party hard whether they win or lose, which is rare


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