Wednesday, September 24, 2008


[Claywatch] The Clay Aiken shocker (he's gay!!! Omiheck, omiheck!!!) got picked up in the D-News.

Some of the comments are funny. I like the one who sonorously reminds us not to set store in FALSE IDOLS! (Get it?)

Frankly, I have little use for Aiken--that kind of music puts me to sleep, and, as a "sex symbol," the apparent genetic offspring of Sandy Duncan and Shelly Duvall is too much of a twinkie for my manly-man tastes, which run more toward the likes of Sam Elliott than of Sam Harris. But, now that he's actually had the guts to come out, I loathe him a little less.

(Brandon Burt)


  1. I'm thinking more Annette Benning. Not to dis on her. She's fabulous. But dontcha think, sort of?

  2. Geez, even the outing sites havent bothered to mention he was gay in years,,, What's next? Water is WET! Oxygen necessary to breath effectively! President Bush believes history will fully exonerate him and determine his presidency as one of the best!!!! Oh, wait the Desnews did the last one. Sorry.


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