Friday, September 12, 2008

Around & Around

[Out to Lunch] Today is the first day of the Fall Dine-O-Round, and we followed City Weekly's dining critic Ted Scheffler's hot tip about the $10 lunch at Metropolitan, consisting of two courses: broccoli soup and a bison burger.

The broccoli soup was not the thick creamy kind you can stand a spoon up in from our youth. It was a refined thinner broth adorned with interesting particles besides just broccoli—shaved radishes, perhaps? Trรจs tasty and not too filling. And the juicy burger, with spicy cheese and a warm pepper on top, was truly inspired.

The only problem was that our bill came to $30 per person with the tip. How so? Well, we ordered two glasses of wine while we waited. Yes, for some reason—perhaps because today was also Metropolitan's maiden voyage into lunch service (they have other great lunch offerings besides the DOR special)—the place was hoppin' and there was a loooonnnnngggg pause between the soup and the burger. Wine seemed the perfect way to bridge the gap.

And afterwards, because we were groggy after our Metro meal, we had to buy coffee en route to the office. Another $5 there. So today's lunch wasn't quite the bargain we envisioned.

Advice for the budget-conscious: Avoid temptation; don't imbibe at lunch. I mean, does anyone have two-martini lunches anymore? I'd love to know. (Jerre Wroble)


  1. No one does two martinis anymore.

    Just two beers at Uintah Brewing while on the deck.

  2. The Metropolitan has been over rated for at least 4 years. Why continue to support this has been?

  3. I agree with anonymous.

    I have only been there on few occasions. One time was for some speed dating sort of event with appetizers and such and it was listed as free. I still somehow managed to spend 40-50 dollars. I didn't even get a full meal or a full buzz.

    The help seemed pretty hoity toity as well.


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