Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Feeling Helpless About The 2008 Election?

Arguably, while there might be some truth to "As a Utah voter, my vote won't help Obama get into office," there is something you can do to effect change in key battleground states. Why not get started this weekend when a group of Obama supporters will carpool up to Colorado to talk to voters in Grand Junction or Fort Collins about our country's need for a positive new direction? Sign up and learn more about the campaign here.
Also, ask organizers what they think about using the following video to get people motivated

(Jamie Gadette)


  1. Why would anyone in Colorado listen to voters from another State?

    Much less one that doesn't even have liquor laws later than 1923.

    Yeah, Utah. You've got your act together. Tell us what we should be doing.

  2. Utah can be held up as a perfect example of what kind of society you can expect if moralistic Republicans are in charge of everything. So yeah, go to Colorado and warn them what life could be like under a McCain administration.

  3. Humm....Well McCain has requested the candidate debate be postponed on friday. Obama declined on the stance a president needs to be ready to handle more than one issue at a time. True Colorado has been teetering, however they are a progressive state that is technology driven. With all the hype Sarah is hiding from the media, it appears as if she is not the only one. Yet every effort helps. Since apparently Utah loves blinders.

  4. I was going to head to Glenwood Springs area this afternoon, I will give my plugs, with the gang over the weekend. I'm still mulling the idea over. I need a best friend fix,a roadtrip, and a few beers... I may use my time and money and stock up the pantry. I've wondered if McCain has purposely shot himself in the foot in this campaign? He has said economics are not his strong area. It appears the campaign diluted the meetings primary agenda (not good). Based on my life's observations, I have seen to many pathological bullshitters rise to power in the Republican Party. If the public is this outraged, you don't think they can't see it? The party is at risk? So why not throw some mooseshit in there too? Stir the pot. The first step to success is to admit failure. McCain is a maverick, a P.O.W. and a cancer patient. I'm questioning his true priority's. Come on Obama! Yet, he has a mess to clean up that's going to take longer than 4 years. I just hope America will see that. Decision made, roadtrip's a priority, and stock up before I leave. Time to get busy.

  5. Don't forget that Utah votes may not count for Obama - but they do count locally. We can keep trying to get a more even representation into local offices...


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