Friday, September 5, 2008

BCS, Schmee-CS

More fuel for the Utah/BYU rivalry fire: compiled lists relating to the relative performance of BCS conference schools against their non-BCS counterparts in the 10 years of the BCS era (1998-2007). And as it turns out, Utah's victory last weekend at Michigan really shouldn't be a surprise any more. Only two schools from non-BCS conferences have an overall winning record against BCS schools: TCU (14-7), and Utah (14-10). Over the same period, BYU has played more games against BCS opponents, but has only mustered a 12-18 record. The Cougars will have an opportunity to improve that record against the Pac-10's fairly dismal Washington Huskies this weekend; Utah, meanwhile, will give the rest of the trembling BCS schools a week off as the Utes face UNLV. (Scott Renshaw)

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