Thursday, September 25, 2008

Countdown to Suspension of U.S. Constitution

[The Coming Police State] Oct. 1 will mark the first deployment of a military combat division on U.S. soil since post-Civil War restoration. This news comes to us from the tin-foil-hat bloggers and conspiracy nuts at ... oh, oops. It comes to us from

Yep, it's really happening. The division, to be known in milspeak as CCMRF (pronounced "sea-smurf"--again, not a joke) will be under control to "help" people in the "homeland" in case of natural disasters, terrorist attacks or, say, domestic unrest in the wake of a blatantly stolen election or federal confiscation of our money to prop up the lavish lifestyles of failed "free-market" CEOs and other short-sighted fat-cats.

Perhaps those of us who enjoy the exercise of our civil liberties have simply waited too long--I for one have been kind of pinning my hopes on a major political shift this November. However, wouldn't you know it, the nutcase Dominionists and neocons in charge of the GOP don't see any need to consult the electorate before instituting their glorious plans for the nation. Once they start deploying the military against domestic political opponents, it'll be too late for those of us in the loyal opposition.

And, now, I'm really depressed. Hey, look! A cute video: Cats are sooo weird:

(Brandon Burt)

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  1. Christ on a cracker!

    What the hell is happening to this nation? Have we completely lost our minds?

    With the bailout situation as it is, it would seem that this "exercise at home" is little more than an emergency call to keep American citizens at bay, should these fat-cat fuckers get their way.



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