Monday, September 22, 2008

Good Cops

[Law Enforcement] Between Taser happy troopers and cop unions shutting down civilian review boards, sometimes the police are a pretty easy target for us media folks. Of course police abuse of power is one thing alot of people complain about, and is always worth shedding light on-- its just a shame it blights out the amazing and heroic things many of our friends in law enforcement do on a regular basis.

This past weekend I saw something that scared the ever-loving shit out of me! And also one of the most inspiring things I've ever seen as well. Driving down 3300 south at about 1 am last Friday me and a friend came across a motorcycle accident. It was not pretty. The man did not have a helmet was bleeding from the head and was totally unconscious. Some people gathered around and we called 911 and waited. Soon at least five police cars blocked off one end of the road and cleared us all out of the street and onto the sidewalk. Every one's adrenaline was pumping already just seeing the guy splayed out on the street in a pool of his own blood, and just when things seemed under control is when things actually got really crazy.

Out of nowhere a truck came roaring down the street and decided not to worry about the five police cars with light flashing. Not slowing down the truck decided to weave through the blockade by cutting a path down the middle lane and around all the cars. The middle lane is also where the injured motorcyclist and several police officers happened to be. In a split second this truck was a moment away from running over one officer and the injured biker, when the officer reached down and pulled the injured man and himself out of harms way.

I shit a brick! Ive never seen anything so simultaneously heroic (the cop pulling a man who could already have been half gone, out of harms way) and so insane (the driver of the truck who decided five cops was not enough to slow him down).

Luckily they caught the guy later on down the road and the ambulance took away the biker. I hadn't heard if he was OK and hadn't seen it in the news. But to the officers I saw that night and especially the one who pulled the biker out of the way of certain death, mad props to you officers. You deserve thanks from me, from everyone there, from the injured biker and even the idiot driver who thanks to your heroics will only be facing reckless driving charges instead of manslaughter. Thank you. (Eric S. Peterson)

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    Here is an article on the accident. The cops were brave in an extremely bizarre situation


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