Monday, September 1, 2008

My Vagina Vote

[Hillary-Schmillary] Gotta hand it to John McCain and all of his handsomely paid GOP consultants. It's like they read my vagina's mind!

This Sarah Palin has it all--anti-abortion, pro-gun, squeaky voice, a whopping 20 months as governor of America's Last Frontier. Uh, no, she doesn't quite match Hillary Clinton's lifelong feminist credentials, and eight years as First Lady and moving along in her second term as U.S. senator from New York. But what do we know? One estrogen-propelled candidate is as good as the next to us female voters.

According to the U.S. Census, there are an estimated 116 million women over the age of 18 in this country. And we all think alike. I know the only thing I care about when I touch that voting screen is what kind of indoor plumbing the candidate has. (Holly Mullen)

Let The Daily Show's Samantha Bee tell it:


  1. Agreeable to a point but counting 8 years of being first lady as experience has been and will continue to be a stretch. That's akin to saying I can be an engineer because my roommate of the last 5 years is one.

  2. I see where Palin's 17 year old unmarried daughter is 5 months pregnant. Maybe the shrill Governor should have spent more time with the kid and less with the NRA.

    Gotta love this train wreak.

  3. Yes sir ! let`s have a cheer for abstinence only, forget condoms,the pill or even the rhythm method. Prayer

    Looks like McCain has found a distaff version of Thomas Eagleton.

  4. Just one of Hillary's cracking up!
    This may help all those good old cries of WHY JOHN WHY? Well if you were a maverick mulling over the idea of meeting Saint Peter soon......?
    I think Laurie who posted on the "dessert news" blog on 8-30-08 time 11:48 am may just have the answer. Obamas my man.


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