Thursday, September 4, 2008

RNC Coverage: Drinking Liberally Style

If you're a proud Democrat like myself, you probably sat enraptured by televised coverage of last week's DNC. Michelle Obama alone destroyed whatever remaining apathy I might have possessed after the disastrous 2004 election.
Like me, you might have also turned off the boob tube and picked up a novel (in my case A Spot Of Bother by Mark Haddon) rather than suffer through subsequent RNC coverage. Why watch a Big Brother-style Bush telecast or Mike Huckabee rant when I can read about it the next day in five minutes or less?
Of course, thanks to Drinking Liberally I might be convinced otherwise. The politically active locals have organized a fun way to sit through McCain's speech tonight, Thursday, Sept. 4., with a watch party at Saints & Sinners (3040 S. State)

"Tell them you're with Drinking Liberally at the door and then follow the sounds of howling and heckling upstairs. There will be a band playing later, so while there's normally a cover for such things, they're waiving it for us political geeks - you're even encouraged to stay for the band ... Josie Valdez & Bob Springmeyer along with all the Drinking Liberally gang will be there in full force trying not to throw bar stools at the T.V. "

To give you an idea of what's in store tonight, check out Drinking Liberally Dencer's Sarah Palin Convention Speech Drinking Game which they put to the test last night:
Take a Sip When she Says: faith, Barack Obama, abortion, pregnancy, or when she claims that "the media" is attacking her family, she makes reference to being governor of Alaska, she talks about the sanctity of life, she makes a positive reference to Hillary Clinton, she mentions Cindy McCain.
Take a Gulp when: she claims that "the Democrats/Democrat party" is attacking her party, she makes reference to being a beauty queen, she uses a down-homey aphorism, she makes a positive reference to Geraldine Ferraro, she calls Obama a muslim, she references her relationship with God, she mentions the lack of a vetting process
Chug when: She claims that Joe Biden is attacking her family, she makes reference to being a tv sports anchor, she says that she "won't apologize" for something (e.g. her family, being who she is, being a christian, etc.), she makes a positive reference to Gloria Steinem
Celebratory Toast if: She forgets a line/stumbles through a line, she tries a joke about her inexperience
Finish Your Drink if: She is replaced by Phyllis Schlafly, she mentions VPILF, she claims that Barack Obama is attacking her family, she makes reference to being a secessionist and/or under investigation, she performs an abortion on live television, she makes a positive reference to Andrea Dworkin

Drinking Liberally SLC meets from 6:30-9:30 on the second and fourth Friday of each month through the summer in the back room of the Piper Down (1492 S. State Street).

See you at Saints & Sinners, tonight

(Jamie Gadette)

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  1. Great night last night! Thanks to saints and sinners and all those who came out. We are waiting to board a plane heading to the drinking liberally national conference in charlotte NC so no photos are posted yet. Check our website soon!


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